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Everyone who takes a second look at a classic car peeks inside the window and gazes at the array of instruments. If they look dowdy or damaged it detracts from the whole presence of the car.

The instruments monitor your classic's vital signs, and if they are not working or are innacurate they will cost you a lot of money - whether its from speeding fines, or an engine rebuild because you had no idea the oil pressure was sagging or the water temperature had skyrocketed.

So instruments are worth spending money on, since they could save you a lot of grief downstream. You have to be able to rely on what your instruments are telling you, and making them accurate is not so much a black art as one that needs a great deal of experience and knowledge, as well as the right calibration equipment.

Steve Sheppard at Auckland speedometer services has been working with vehicle instruments since his apprenticeship, and has the original calibration equipment from Smiths instruments. He has been working now on instruments for 40 years, 20 of them in his own business.

As well as bespoke service and repair, Steve can recalibrate old cable-driven instruments with classic or wet line gauges working from ether or oil, and fix problems on the latest up-to-the-minute electronic devices.

As agent for Smith's instruments and a stockist of a number of other well known brands, Steve can supply you with brand new instruments with classic or modern looks. Instrumentation and the associated sensors are not cheap, but you will go a long way to find better value, and when you work out what correctly functioning instruments could save you, it is money in the bank. Then there's the authentic look of good classic instruments inside your car; the value you can add to your vehicle by fitting decent instruments is terrific.



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